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IGNOU B.Sc. Solved Assignments 2018, IGNOU B.Sc. Books, IGNOU B.Sc. Study Material – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Life Science:

Dear Students, Feel free to send us an email at ignouworld@gmail.com for latest IGNOU B.Sc. solved assignments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Life Science. The IGNOU Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Assignments are the methods of regular assessment of theory and practical. Assignments help the students to read out the theory at least once before the term end examination.

Thus assignments also help to reinforce learning in distance learning system of Public Administration.IGNOU provide assignment question papers for B.Sc. courses for the particular session on its official website.Students need to submit these assignments after solving them in their respective study centres.

IGNOU B.Sc. Books & IGNOU B.Sc. Study Material:

To prepare for the upcoming Term End Examination, the students require IGNOU Study Material and reference books. But sometimes, they do not receive their original printed study material at their physical communication address. But the students do not need to worry about it as they can download free IGNOU B.Sc. Study Material in the form of PDF from the university official website. If they want the hard copy of it, they can contact us at below mentioned email address or phone number.

The Zigma Book Centre is the authorized distributor of IGNOU Original Study Material so you can call us or send the email to order your study blocks. We also provide the IGNOU B.Sc. Reference Books for the exam preparation which also consists of IGNOU B.Sc. previous year solved question papers as wellSo, in both the cases, the students can contact us at the email id and contact number mentioned below:

Contact Details:

  • Email Id : zigma.ignou@gmail.com.
  • Phone: +91-191-2571662

IGNOU B.Sc. Solved Assignments 2018, IGNOU BDP Solved Assignments 2018

Students can download the IGNOU B.Sc. Assignment question papers from the official website.IGNOU Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) assignments consist of a set of questions and activities that you will answer at your own place by referring your IGNOU B.Sc. study blocks provided by IGNOU. The assignments cover all types of questions (long answer type, short answer type, objective type, multiple choice questions and case studies).

The assignments carry 30% weightage. Students will be required to obtain 50% percent marks as pass percentage in each assignment separately. Each assignment will carry 100 marks. In the final result, assignments will carry 30% weightage.

If you are unable to solve the IGNOU Assignments, Please feel free to send us email at ignouworld@gmail.com or call us at 09419113930

IGNOU B.Sc. Mathematics Solved Assignments:

  • MTE-01 Calculus
  • MTE-02 Linear Algebra
  • MTE-03 Mathematical Methods
  • MTE-04 Elementary Algebra
  • MTE-05 Analytical Geometry
  • MTE-06 Abstract Algebra
  • MTE-07 Advanced Calculus
  • MTE-08 Differential Equations
  • MTE-09 Real Analysis
  • MTE-10 Numerical Analysis
  • MTE-11 Probability And Statistics
  • MTE-12 Linear Programming
  • MTE-13 Discrete Mathematics

IGOU B.Sc Physics Solved Assignments:

  • PHE-01 Elementary Mechanics
  • PHE-02 Oscillations And Waves
  • PHE-04 Mathematical Methods In Physics-I
  • PHE-05 Mathematical Methods In Physics-Ii
  • PHE-06 Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics
  • PHE-07 Electric & Magnetic Phenomenon
  • PHE-09 Optics
  • PHE-10 Electrical Circuits & Electronics
  • PHE-11 Modern Physics
  • PHE-13 Physics Of Solids
  • PHE-14 Mathematical Methods In Physics-Iii
  • PHE-15 Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • PHE-16 Communication Physics

IGNOU B.Sc Chemistry Solved Assignments:

  • CHE-01 Atoms And Molecules
  • CHE-02 Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHE-04 Physical Chemistry
  • CHE-05 Organic Chemistry
  • CHE-06 Organic Reaction Mechanism
  • CHE-09 Bio-Chemistry
  • CHE-10 Spectroscopy

IGNOU B.Sc Life Sciences Solved Assignments:

  • LSE-01 Cell Biology
  • LSE-02 Ecology
  • LSE-03 Genetics
  • LSE-05 Physiology
  • LSE-06 Developmental Biology
  • LSE-09 Animal Diversity-I
  • LSE-10 Animal Diversity-II

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  1. Sir, i want solved assignments of bsc for BPHE101, CHE1, CHE3L, FEG1, PHE2, FST1, LSER, MTE1, FEG2
    Pl send as soon as possible

    Thank you

  2. I am having difficulty in solving mte-1 and mte-4 assignment can you please send me the solution for mte-1 and mte-4 for july2013 and 2014

  3. sir pease help me,
    i m unable to solve assignment
    i m student of hindi medium B.Sc(general) 1st year. and
    my sub is MTE-01, MTE-04, MTE-05, CHE-01, CHE-03, PHE-01,
    PHE-02, FST-1, FEG-02,FHD-02.
    please send me solve assignments of these sub.
    my mail id is vineetgoswami94@gmail.com

  4. Sir
    pls i want to solved assignment and solved paper of phe-2 phe-6 phe-7 phe-9 phe-10 phe-15 in case of any information pls mail me
    thank u

    • Respected sir,
      I want the solved assignmentd of following subjects: CHE5, FEG1 ,FEG2, PHE6, LSE1,LSE3,FST1 as i have to submit these assignments before 31 march 2015….i have taken admisssion on july 2014…plz help me out….

  5. Sir,

    Please send me the solved SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS

    FST-1 (Foundation course in Se & Tech)

    B.Sc Life Sciences Solved Assignments :
    LSE-01 Cell Biology
    LSE-02 Ecology
    LSE-03 Genetics

  6. sir,
    i am a student of b.sc of july 2014 batch of your ignou.plz send the solve assignment of fst1,feg1,feg2,lse1,mte1,che2,bphe101,phe2 in my email id

  7. sir plese sent me solved assignment of MTE-01 MTE -02 MTE-04 MTE-05 MTE-06 FST-1 FEG-01 BHDF-101 as soon as possible plz sir

  8. Dear sir,
    plz send me mte-02,06,07,08,09,10and fst-1 solved assignment of session 2015 in hindi early and early because my other exam are also coming and submission date is 10march,2015.
    We shall very grateful and thankful to you.

  9. sir, I can’t soleved the assigenment of mte 07, mte 08, mte 09, mte 10 of the year 2015. plese send me soleved the assigenment as soon as possible to my email id.

  10. Dear Sir
    Could you please send me the solved assignments of MTE 1,2,4,5,6,9,10…….
    LSE 1,2….CHE 1,2……..BSHF 101 of July 2014-2015 session as soon as possible?
    My email id is aaronrai73@gmail.com and mobile number is 9693493044.
    i shall remain ever obliged.

  11. SIR!!! i need BSC 2015 assignments of subject FST1,, CHE1,CHE2,,MTE1,,FEG1,,FEG2…

  12. sir pease help me,
    i m unable to solve assignment
    i m student of hindi medium B.Sc(general) 1st year. and
    my sub is MTE-01,MTE-2, MTE-04, MTE-05, MTE-6..
    PLZZ SEND ME SOLVED PAPER ON MY E MAIL ID..sahilg825@gmail.com..
    last date is 06-03-2015….sir plzzz send me fast…

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    i m student of english medium B.Sc 1st year. and
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    PLZZ SEND ME SOLVED PAPER ON MY E MAIL ID opn960337@gmail.com
    sir plzzz send me fast…

  14. plz send me solved assingment for the foolowing subjuct:

    bphe101- elementry mechanics

    phe2- osciilation

    phe4- physic mathmatically


    phe5- physic lab 2

    phe6- thermodynamic

  15. sir plzz send me solved assignments of bsc for session july2014-2015 for following subjects:mte07,mte08,mte11,che09,lse05,phe09
    plzz send me these as soon as possible

  16. PHE-01 Elementary Mechanics
    PHE-02 Oscillations And Waves
    PHE-04 Mathematical Methods In Physics-I
    PHE-05 Mathematical Methods In Physics-Ii
    PHE-06 Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics

  17. sir,i needed solved assignment of phe6 and che1 .
    plz send me as soon as possible,last date of submission is 30th march.

    • i am also with a same subject as you have and i was solve assignment of FST 1 and but not other one, please mam, if you can help me in other subject.

  18. sir i want solved assignments for bphe-101,bphe-102,phe-7,phe9 for 2016 jul session.plz send me details.i need them fast plz


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